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Quapaw Sources:

All Quapaw references are taken from the works of Dr. Robert Rankin unless otherwise noted.

Quapaw audio recordings

Quapaw Grammar

The unmarking of Quapaw Phonology, The Study of Language Death

Quapaw Dictionary, 415 page Quapaw Vocabulary, consisting of Dr. Rankin’s field studies in 1973 and James Owen Dorsey’s field work from 1890-1894.

[AB] Anna Beaver (1888-1970), audio files

[AG] Alice Crawfish Gilmore (1894-1979), audio files

[FR] Fannie Goodeagle Richards (1893-1971), audio files

[LQ] Louis Quapaw (1910-1970), audio files

[MH] M.R. Harrington, compiled 1908

[MR] Mary Lane Redeagle (1890-1974), audio files

[MW] Mary Wilson (1913-1970), audio files

[MS] Maude Supernaw (1872-1972), audio files

[OM] Odestine McWatters (1918-1997), audio files

  [JOD] James Owen Dorsey material, informants Alphonsus Valliere, Buffalo Calf, George Redeagle, and Mary Stafford, compiled 1890-1894

[GI] George Izard material, compiled 1827

[FS] Frank T. Siebert, informants Frank Valliere [FV] and Victor Griffin [VG], compiled 1940

[LH] Lewis F. Hadley, compiled 1882


Dhegiha Sources:

[Omaha/Ponca] Omaha & Ponca Digital Dictionary, James Owen Dorsey material, collected (1848-1845)

[Omaha] Omaha, Elizabeth Stabler, compiled by Mark Swetland (1977)

[JOD-Omaha] - Omaha, James Owen Dorsey material, collected (1848-1845)

[FL-Osage] Dictionary of the Osage Language, compiled by Francis LaFlesche (1932)

[CQ-Osage] Osage Grammar (2004) and Osage Dictionary (2009), compiled by Carolyn Quintero (2004)

[Kaw] An Annotated Dictionary of Kaw, Dr. Linda A. Cumberland & Dr. Robert L. Rankin (2012)

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