Sources for research, genealogy, history, and information on the Quapaw Tribe and our history.
By: Risė Supernaw Proctor
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Official Webpage of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma
Hereditary Chiefs:  List of Hereditary Chiefs of the Quapaw Tribe from 1818-1918.
Quapaw Clan Information: Information on the Quapaw Clans and their translations.
Census for Quapaw Indians in April 1873: CAH HIC CAH TEDA, George Lane, & Lewis Quapaw.
Quapaw Tribal Information Chronological Order: History and movements of the Quapaw Tribe.
Quapaw Treaties .PDF : This is a .PDF copy of all 19th century treaties made between the United States and the Quapaw people. It gives the names of chiefs/head men/interpreters of the Quapaw. A great document for genealogy/family history research. In addition, you may want to look at the Clarence E. Carter’s, United States territorial paper series. Volumes 19, 20 and 21 are for the Arkansas Territory.
A trip to Quapaw in 1903.pdf : Chronicles of Oklahoma, A TRIP TO QUAPAW IN 1903. By Sister H. Laurence, Order of Carmelites. Transcribed from the original journal and annotated by Velma Nieberding. source: the Digital Library
Tall Chief / Louis Angel: Our webpage with information about Quapaw Tall Chief.
Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture: Digital Library of Oklahoma State University- Quapaw
Quapaw folk-lore by J. Owen Dorsey- page130 , page131, or read the entire book on Google
Sam Houston Memorial Museum Historical Exhibit:  "Photographs of Fred Lookout and Louis Angel are also on display. Lookout served the longest term (1924-1949) of any Osage chief in the 20th century. Angel, also known as "Tall Chief," was the last Quapaw chief chosen under the old-fashioned traditions. Some commentators refer to his as "the last real chief of the Quapaw." "
USS Quapaw links:  Wikpedia on USS Quapaw, USS
Quapaw Brownie Box Camera Hoax Pearl Harbor Hoax: Hoax email about USS Quapaw Photos

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     Spellings of Chief’s & Names varied by interpreters, documents and years.