unwilling, refuse, decline, lazy


o-di-sh′a-ke  (odʔake)

refuse, be unwilling, decline (RR-Quapaw)




o-di-sh′a-ke  hi  (odʔake hi)

Speaker - Maude Supernaw

lazy - very


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • o-di-sh'a-ke (odʔake) - refuse, be unwilling, decline, o-bdi-sh'a-ke (obdʔake) - I refuse, o-ti-sh'a-ke (ottsʔake) - you refuse (RR-Quapaw)
  • u-thi-sh'a-ge (uthsh'age) - unwilling, refuse, to be unwilling, to refuse, u-bthi-sh'a-ge (ubsh'age) - I'm unwilling, I refuse, u-shni-sh'a-ge (uc͓nc'age), u-ʰni-sh'a-ge (uhnc'age) - your unwilling, you refuse, aⁿ-gu-thi-sh'a-ga i (agic'gai) - we are unwilling, we refuse (Omaha/Ponca)
  • u-thi-sh'a-ge (u-th-sh'a-ge) - lazy man, an idler (FL-Osage)
  • u-thu-ʰts'a-ge (-thu-ṭs'a-ge) - to be lazy (FL-Osage)
  • u-thu-ts'a-ge (u-th-ts'a-ge) - anything that has become a nuisance, offensive, vexatious or annoying, not willing, lazy, idle, one who shirks, avoids work, evades responsibility, u-bthu-ʰts'a-ge (u-bth-ṭs'a-ge) - I am unwilling, u-ni-ʰts'a-ge (u-n-ṭs'a-ge) - you are unwilling, oⁿ-gu-ʰts'a-ga i (oⁿ-g-ṭs'a-ga i) - we are unwilling (FL-Osage)
  • o-thu-ts'a-ke (uucʔake) - be lazy, o-bru-ts'a-ke (bruucʔake) - I'm lazy (CQ-Osage)
  • o-thu-ts'a-ke (oucʔake) - be lazy, be or become tired or weary of, laziness, o-bru-ts'a-ke (obrucʔake) - I'm tired, weary of, o-shtsu-ts'a-ke (ocucʔake) - you tired, weary of, a-wa-bru-ts'a-ke (wabrucʔake) - I'm tired of them, aⁿ-thu-ts'a-ke (ąucʔake) - we are lazy, aⁿ-wa-shtsu-ts'a-ke (ąwcuucʔake) - you tired of me (CQ-Osage)
  • o-yu-ts'a-ge (yuts'age) - lazy (Kanza)


  • thu-ts'a-ga (thu-ts'-ga) - unable, inability to do, failure to do a thing, work left unfinished, bthu-ts'a-ge (bth-ts'a-ge) - I failed, I'm unable stsu-ts'a-ge (stsu-ts'a-ge) - you failed, ni-ts'a-ge (ni-ts'a-ge) - your unable, oⁿ-thu-ts'a-ga-bi (oⁿ-thu-ts'a-ga-bi) - we are unable (FL-Osage)
  • thu-ts'a-ke (uucʔke) - be unable to do, fail at, bru-ts'a-ke (brucʔke) - I can't, shchu-ts'a-ke (čuucʔke) - you can't, aⁿ-thu-ts'a-ke (ąucʔke) - we can't (CQ-Osage)
  • yu-ts'a-ge (yuts'ge) - unable to do, not to work, fail to act, blu-ts'a-ge (blts'age) - Im unable, hnu-ts'a-ge (hnts'age) - youre unable, yu-ts'a-ge (yuts'ge) - he/she/it unable, aⁿ-yu-ts'a-ga-be (aⁿyts'agabe) - were unable, hnu-ts'a-ga-be (hnts'agabe) - you all are unable, yu-ts'a-ga-be (yuts'gabe) - theyre unable (Kanza)