tip, tip of something


pa-si (ppasí)

tip of something, beak or bill (RR-Quapaw)

ho  pa-si  ste-te  (ho ppási  stétte) Speaker - Maude Supernaw

fish - tip of nose - long

  Speaker - Odestine McWatters


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • pa-si (ppasí) - tip of something, beak or bill (RR-Quapaw)
  • pa-si (pasí) - tip; tree-top, tongue-tip, etc. (Omaha/Ponca)
  • pa-si (paçi) - tip (Omaha)
  • pa-siu (pa-sü′) - the tip or point of an object (Osage-JOD)
  • ʰpa-si (p̣a-çí) - point, a peak, top of a tree, the top of a pole (FL-Osage)
  • ʰpa-su (ʰpasú), ʰpa-si (ʰpasi) - tip or point of an object (CQ-Osage)
  • pa-su (pasú) - tip, point of an object "like the point of a pencil", corner of a room, etc. (Kanza)


  • ʰpa-siu-gthiⁿ (p̣a-çiú-gthiⁿ) - Dwellers-upon-the-hill-top, when the river (Mississippi) overflowed its banks, a group of Osage Indians fled from their village and sought the high hills and there established a camp. They were known by the name of p̣a-çiu-gthiⁿ and settled in Grayhorse (FL-Osage)
  • ʰpa-si-o-liⁿ (ʰpasiólįį), ʰpa-su o-liⁿ (ʰpasú olį́į), ʰpa-so-liⁿ (ʰpasólįį), ʰpa-su-liⁿ (ʰpasúlį) - living on the end, dwelling on the cliffs, Fairfax or Grayhorse group of Osages, lit., ‘living on the end’, referring to the west end of the allotment (CQ-Osage)