i-zhiⁿ-ke (ižį́ke)

son, someone's (RR-Quapaw)


son (my son)  
wi-zhiⁿ-ke  (wižį́ke) Speaker - Maude Supernaw
my son  


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • i-zhiⁿ-ke (ižį́ke) - son, someone's, wi-zhiⁿ-ke (wižį́ke) - my son, di-zhiⁿ-ke (dižį́ke) - your son (RR-Quapaw)
  • i-zhiⁿ-ge (izhiⁿ´ge) - son(Omaha)
  • i-zhiⁿ-ge (ijiń′ge) - his/her son, thi-zhiⁿ-ge (˘ijiń′ge) - your son (Omaha-JOD)
  • i-zhiⁿ-ge (i-zhiⁿ´-ge) - his or her son (FL-Osage)
  • i-zhiⁿ-ke (ižį́ke) - his/her son, any son, his brother's son, her sister's son, more precise than English "his/her nephew", wi-zhiⁿ-ke (wižį́ke) - my son, any of my sons, including a first son, in this meaning, used regardless of whether speaker is male or female; my brother's son, used only when speaker is male, more precise than English, my nephew; Sonny, as a nickname, used by either male or female speakers for a son or a friend, thi-zhiⁿ-ke (đižį́ke) - your son, your brother's son, in both senses used when speaking to a man or to a woman, but it's use for speaking to a woamn may be more recent (CQ-Osage)
  • i-zhiⁿ-ge (izhíⁿge) - his or her son, wi-zhiⁿ-ge (wizhíⁿge) - my son, yi-zhiⁿ-ge (yizhíⁿge) - your son (Kanza)