o-zhe-knaⁿ (okną)  
skillet, pan to cook in Speaker - Maude Supernaw


o-ze-knaⁿ (ozkną)

skillet (RR-Quapaw)


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • o-ze-knaⁿ (ozkną) - skillet (RR-Quapaw)
  • u-zhe-gthoⁿ (zhegthoⁿ) - gridiron, "something for roasting meat by a fire" (Omaha/Ponca)
  • u-zhe-gthoⁿ (uzhgthoⁿ) - bake, to bake in an oven or skillet (Omaha/Ponca)
  • we-zhe-gthoⁿ (we-zhe-gthoⁿ) - a skillet (FL-Osage)


  • zhe-gthoⁿ (zhgthoⁿ) - to cook food by putting it on a fire, as pumpkins, dried meat, ash cake, to heat as stones on a fire for a sweat bath, to cook food in a pan on top of or inside of an oven or stove, to broil, to bake, this refers to curvilinear objects, zhe-a-gthoⁿ (jagaⁿ) - I bake, fry, roast, zhe-tha-gthoⁿ (jagaⁿ) - you bake, fry, roast, zhe-aⁿ-gthoⁿ i (jagthaⁿi) - we bake, fry, roast (Omaha/Ponca)
  • zhe-gthoⁿ (zh-gthoⁿ) - bake, fried, roast (Omaha)
  • zhe-gthoⁿ (zh-gthoⁿ) - to broil meat, zhe-a-gthoⁿ (zh-a-gthoⁿ) - I broiled the meat, zhe-tha-gthoⁿ (zh-tha-gthoⁿ) - you broil the meat, zhe-tha-gthoⁿ i (zh-tha-gthoⁿ i) - we broiled the meat (FL-Osage)
  • wa-tsu-e zhe-la (wace ela) - cornbread fried or grated fresh corn baked in an oven, lit., fried bread, turnover bread, cornbread fried in a little grease in a skillet, deep-fried frybread (CQ-Osage)
  • zhe-laⁿ (zhélaⁿ) - bake, zhe-a-laⁿ (zhéalaⁿ) - I bake, zhe-ya-laⁿ (zhéyalaⁿ) - you bake, zhe-laⁿ (zhélaⁿ) - he/she/it bake, aⁿ-zhe-laⁿ-be (aⁿzhélaⁿbe) - we bake, zhe-ya-laⁿ-be (zhéyalaⁿbe) - you all bake, zhe-laⁿ-be (zhélaⁿbe) - they bake (Kanza)