zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (̨ǫ)

shake (RR-Quapaw)

Hello, shake hands.  

naⁿ-pe  o-di-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ, ha-we  (nąp dįǫ, haw)

Speaker - Maude Supernaw

hand - shake - hello



They said, they shook hands.


naⁿ-pe  o-di-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ-wi  a-we  (nąp dįǫwi we)

Speaker - Maude Supernaw

hand - shake - plural - they said

* Use of -awi/-awe or their cognates in the third person singular is a characteristic of all five Dhegiha dialects. (RR-Quapaw)


He's (dog) shaking his head.  Hes (dog) shaking the fleas.

pa-hi  ka-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ  niⁿ-khe  (ppah kąǫ nįkh) Speaker - Maude Supernaw
head - shake with sudden force - he, she sitting, doing that  


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (̨ǫ) - shake (RR-Quapaw)
  • i-di-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (dįǫ) - shake, as a person or tree, i-bdi-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (bdįǫ) - I shake, i-ti-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (ttįǫ) - you shake (RR-Quapaw)
  • naⁿ-pe o-di-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (nąpe dioo) - hands, to shake (RR-Quapaw)
  • thi-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (thi zhoⁿzhoⁿ) - jar (Omaha)
  • bi-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (bi zhoⁿzhoⁿ) - jar (Omaha)
  • zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (jaⁿjaⁿ) - excerpt from JOD slip file on saⁿsaⁿ′ - to be unsteady, trembling, see jaⁿjaⁿ (Omaha/Ponca)
  • thi-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (thi-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ) - to arouse a person from a sound sleep by roughly shaking him, bthi-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (bth-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ) - I aroused him by shaking roughly, ni-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ (n-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ) - you aroused him by shaking roughly, oⁿ-thi-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ i (oⁿ-th-zhoⁿ-zhoⁿ i) - we aroused him by shaking roughly (FL-Osage)
  • thi-zhaⁿ-zhaⁿ (įą), thi-zha-zha (iaa) - shake a person, an object, or one's own body part, such as shaking the head, bri-zha-zha (bra) - I shake (CQ-Osage)
  • li-zha-zhai (liai) - shake ones own body or possession (CQ-Osage)