see, I see you


i-de (de)

see, find (RR-Quapaw)


(my aunt) I'm glad to see you.              


wi-ti-mi i-wi-ki-de  aⁿ-da-kni  (wittmi wkide ą́dakn)

Speaker - Fannie Goodeagle Richards

my aunt - I to you - my own - to see - I'm glad



I'm glad to see you.  
i-wi-ki-de  aⁿ-da-kni  (wkide ą́dakn)

Speaker - Anna Beaver

I to you - my own - to see - I'm glad

  Speaker - Odestine McWatters


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • i-gi-the (-gi-the) - to see, to discover or find something belonging to ones self, i-tha-gi-the (i-th-gi-the) - I see or discover for myself, i-tha-gi-the (-tha-gi-the) - you see or discover for yourself, oⁿ-thoⁿ-gi-tha i (oⁿ-thoⁿ′-gi-tha i) - we see or discover for ourselves (FL-Osage)
  • i-ki-the (ikie) - find ones own relative or possession, find, discover or discern something, i-tha-ki-the (iiki[]e) - I found it, i-tha-ki-e (iakie) - you find, i-thi-ki-the (iikie) - she find you, aⁿ-naⁿ-ki-tha-pe (ąn̨ki[]ape) - we find (CQ-Osage)
  • i-gi-ye (giye) - find or see one's own, recognize one's own, i-a-gi-ye (igiye) - I find or see my own, recognize my own, i-ya-gi-ye (yagiye) - you find or see your own, recognize your own, i-gi-ye (giye) - he she it find or see their own, recognize their own, aⁿ-yaⁿ-gi-ya-be (aⁿyⁿgiyabe) - we find or see our own, recognize our own, i-ya-gi-ya-be (yagiyabe) - you all find or see your own, recognize your own, i-gi-ya-be (giyabe) - they find or see their own, recognize their own (Kanza)


  • i-wi-the (iwie) - I see you (CQ-Osage)


  • i-de (de) - see, find, i-da-de (idde) - I see, find, i-da-de (dade) - you see, find, oⁿ-noⁿ-da-we (ǫn̨dawe) - we see, find (RR-Quapaw)
  • i-the (ĕ) - we-the (w-ĕ) verb of i-the (ĕ); to find them (Omaha/Ponca)
  • we-tha-zhi (w-a-jĭ) - not to find, detect, or discover, to be unable to see, to be blind (Omaha/Ponca)
  • i-the (ithe) - discover, find, discussion (Omaha)
  • i-the (-the) - to see, to find, to discern, to discover, to find something lost, i-tha-the (i-th-the) - I discovered, i-tha-the (-tha-the) - you discovered, oⁿ-thoⁿ-tha i (oⁿ-thoⁿ-tha i) - we discover (FL-Osage)
  • i-the (ie) - see, find, understand, i-tha-the (iie) - I saw, i-tha-tha maⁿ-zhi (iia mą) - I did not see, i-wi-the (iwie) - I see you, we-a-the (weee) - I saw them/him, i-tha-the (iie) - I saw him/her/it, i-tha-the (iae) - you saw him, we-tha-the (weae) - you saw them, i-tha-the (iae) - you see, i-tha-pe (iape) - he saw i-tha-zhi (iai) - they didn't see, aⁿ-naⁿ-the (ąn̨e) - we see,  (CQ-Osage)
  • i-ye (ye) - see, watch, find, discover, i-a-ye (iye) - I see, i-ya-ye (yaye) - you see, i-ye (ye) - he/she/it see, aⁿ-yaⁿ-ya-be (aⁿyⁿyabe) - we see, i-ya-ya-be (yayabe) - you all see, i-ya-be (yabe) - they see (Kanza)