pitiful, poor


wa-xpa-ni (waxpáni)

poor, pitiful (RR-Quapaw)

poor people  

ni-ka-shi-ka  wa-xpa-ni  (níkkašíka waxpání)

Speaker - Maude Supernaw

people - poor, pitiful



Pity me.

wa-xpa-ni  (waxpáni) Speaker - Odestine McWatters

poor, pitiful



Pity for myself.

wa-xpa-ni  mi  (waxpáni mí) Speaker - Odestine McWatters
poor, pitiful - myself, I am  

* mi-xti (míxti) - myself, I indeed, (-xti) - very, real, fully (RR-Quapaw); miⁿ (mį́) - I am, I was, I live, I exist as (CQ-Osage)


My pity for you.  I’m pitying you.  Pity you.

wa-xpa-ni  ska  (waxpáni ská) Speaker - Odestine McWatters
poor, pitiful - it must be, I suppose  
  Speaker - Odestine McWatters

* ska (ska) - it must be that, it seems that, I suppose that, I guess that, perhaps, I deduce that, sometimes implies that the event took place previously, and can then be loosely translated “before, previously, earlier, already” (CQ-Osage); ska (skaⁿ) - "so they say", "it is said" or "perhaps" (Kanza); e-skaⁿ (éskaⁿ) - it may be, so (Omaha-JOD)


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • wa-xpa-ni (waxpáni) - poor, pitiful, aⁿ-wa-xpa-ni (ąwáxpaní) - I’m poor, pitiful, di-wa-xpa-ni (diwáxpaní) - you’re poor, pitiful (RR-Quapaw)
  • wa-xpa-ni (waqpáni) - poor, to be poor, aⁿ-waⁿ-xpa-ni (aⁿwaⁿ´qpani) - I'm poor, wa-thi-xpa-ni (wa¢íqpani) - you are poor, wa-wa-xpa-ni (wawáqpanii) - we are poor, wa-xpa-ni bthiⁿ (waqpani b¢iⁿ) - I am poor (Omaha/Ponca)
  • wa-xpa-thiⁿ (waqpáthiⁿ) - poor, to be poor, aⁿ-waⁿxpa-thiⁿ (aⁿwaⁿ´qpa¢iⁿ) - I'm poor, wa-thi-qpa-thiⁿ (wa¢íqpa¢iⁿ) - you are poor, wa-wa-xpa-thiⁿ i (wawáqpa¢iⁿi) - we are poor (Omaha/Ponca)
  • wa-xpa-thiⁿ (waxpathiⁿ) - poverty, poor (Omaha)
  • wa-xpa-thiⁿ (wa-xpá-thiⁿ) - to suffer from exhaustion, in need, poverty-stricken, poor in spirit, in great grief, in sorrow, a mourner, oⁿ-woⁿ-xpa-thiⁿ (oⁿ-woⁿ´-xpa-thiⁿ) - I suffer, wa-thi-xpa-thiⁿ (wa-thí-xpa-thiⁿ) - you suffer, wa-wa-xpa-thiⁿ i (wa-wa-xpa-thiⁿ i) - we suffer (FL-Osage)
  • wa-xpa-thiⁿ (waxpáðį), wa-xpaiⁿ (waxpáį), wa-xpeiⁿ (waxpéį) - poor, poverty stricken, pitiful, humble, long suffering as the victim of pain, poverty, or ill fortune, aⁿ-wa-xpa-thiⁿ (ąwáxpaðį) - I'm pitiful (CQ-Osage)
  • wa-xpa-yiⁿ (waxpáyiⁿ) - be poor, to feel poorly, feel ill, aⁿ-maⁿ-xpa-yiⁿ (aⁿmáⁿxpayiⁿ) - I’m poor, ill, aⁿ-maⁿ-xpa-yiⁿ e ao (aⁿmáⁿxpayiⁿ e ao) - I'm feeling poorly. I'm not feeling well., wa-yi-xpa-yiⁿ (wayíxpayiⁿ) - you’re poor, ill, wa-yi-xpa-yiⁿ (wayíxpayiⁿ) Are you feeling poorly?, wa-xpa-yiⁿ (waxpáyiⁿ) - he/she/it poor, ill, wa-wa-xpa-yiⁿ-be (wawáxpayiⁿbe) - we’re poor, ill, wa-yi-xpa-yiⁿ-be (wayiíxpayiⁿbe) - you all are poor, ill, wa-xpa-yiⁿ-be (waxpáyiⁿbe) - they’re poor, ill (Kanza)
  • wa-xpa-yiⁿ (waxpáyiⁿ) - be humble, pitiful, wa-xpa-yiⁿ miⁿ-khe (waxpáyiⁿ miⁿkhé) - I am humble, pitiful, be poor, wa-xpa-yiⁿ hniⁿ-khe (waxpáyiⁿ hniⁿkhé) - you are humble, pitiful, wa-xpa-yiⁿ a-kha (waxpáyiⁿ akhá) - he/she/it is humble, pitiful, wa-xpa-yiⁿ aⁿ-ga-ye (waxpáyiⁿ aⁿgáye) - we are humble, wa-xpa-yiⁿ aⁿ-gi-ye (waxpáyiⁿ aⁿgíye) - we are humble, wa-xpa-yiⁿ hna-kha-she (waxpáyiⁿ hnakháshe) - you all are humble, pitiful, wa-xpa-yiⁿ a-kha (waxpáyiⁿ akhá) - they are humble, pitiful (Kanza)