look for, search for, hunt for


o-te (otté), (oté)

look for, hunt, search (RR-Quapaw)


Looking for old comb (I'm looking for a comb).


i-ka-pʰe  o-a-te  miⁿ-khe  (íkapʰe oátte mįkhé)

Speaker - Maude Supernaw
comb - I look for - I sitting, doing that  


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

  • o-te (otté), (oté) - look for, hunt, search, o-a-te (oátte) - I look for, hunt, search, o-da-te (odátte) - you look for, hunt, search (RR-Quapaw)
  • u-ʰtse (u-ṭsé), (u-dsé) - to search for, to hunt, to seek, u-wa-ʰtse (u-wa-ṭsé) - I search for, hunt, seek, u-tha-ʰtse (u-tha-ṭsé) - you search for, hunt, seek, oⁿ-gu-ʰtsa i (oⁿ-gú-ṭsa i) - we search for, hunt, seek (FL-Osage)
  • o-tse (océ) - look for or search for something or someone, for one's own purposes, not because it or he/she was previously lost, hunt for, go hunting for small game, o-a-tse (oáce), o-wa-tse (owáce) - I look for, o-tha-tse (oðáce) - you look for, aⁿ-ko-tse (ąkóce) - we look for, o-ta (otá) - look for it! (CQ-Osage)
  • o-tse (óce) - search, search for stuff, look for things (CQ-Osage)
  • o-je (ojé) - look for something (Kanza)