feather, on head

wa-kde  (wakd)  

that which is placed standing, perpendicular

Speaker - Maude Supernaw


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

         wa-gna (wa ga na) - hair feathers, the different kinds, I was told, symbolize different tribes taking part in the (peyote) ceremony  (M.R. Harrington 1908-Quapaw)

         wa-gthe (wa-gthe) - a symbolic plume made of a downy feather of an eagle (FL-Osage)

         moⁿ-shoⁿ wa-gthe (moⁿ́-shoⁿ wa-gthe) - ornamental or symbolic plume worn on top of the head (FL-Osage)


         wa (wa) - things, stuff, people, folks, they, them (CQ-Osage)


         a-kde (akd) - put; set a standing (perpendicular--JOD) object upright upon a surface or within something which supports it, as in pitching a tent, placing a candle on a table, etc., a-kde (akd) - I put, a-da-kde (dakd) - you put, oⁿ-ka-kda-we (ǫkkdawe) - we put, ma-shoⁿ a-kde (mǫ akde) -  I stick a feather upright (in my hair), a-shi a-kde (ai akde) - to set an obj. on top of something else (RR-Quapaw)

         hiⁿ-xpe a-gthe (hiⁿqpagthe) - down, plume, Sticks a Plume in his Hair, Sticks Down in his Hair, name of a mythical hero (Omaha/Ponca)

         a-gthe (-gthe) - to place on top of another in an upright position, a-gthe (-a-gthe) - I placed on top, a-tha-gthe (-tha-gthe) - you placed on top, oⁿ-ga-gtha i (oⁿ-g-gtha i) - we placed on top (FL-Osage)

         a-le (le) - place an item upright on another item, set on (CQ-Osage)

         a-gi-le (agile) - put one's singular/standing object upon (Kanza)