da-tʰe  wa-naⁿ-bde  (datʰ waną́bde)


eat, chew - eat a meal, dine

Speaker - Maude Supernaw


da-tʰe (datʰ)

eat, chew (RR-Quapaw)


wa-naⁿ-bde (waną́bde)

eat a meal, dine (RR-Quapaw)


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

         da-tʰe (datʰ) - eat, chew, bda-tʰe (bdtʰe) - I eat chew, ta-tʰe (tttʰe) - you eat, chew (RR-Quapaw)

         tha-tʰe (thatʰ) - eat, to eat, to eat an item of food (Omaha/Ponca)

         tha-te (that) - chew (Omaha)

         tha-tse (tha-ts) - to eat, btha-tse (bthá-tse) - I eat, sta-tse (sta-tse) - you eat, oⁿ-tha-tsa i (oⁿ-thá-tsa i) - we eat (FL-Osage)

         tha-tsʰe (aacʰ) - eat, bra-tsʰe (bracʰ) - I eat, shta-tsʰe (tacʰ) - you eat, aⁿ-tha-tsʰa pe (ąaacʰa pe) - we eat (CQ-Osage)

         ya-che (yach) - eat something (Kanza)


         wa-naⁿ-bde (waną́bde) - eat a meal, dine, a-wa-naⁿ-bde (awną́bd) - I eat a meal, dine, wa-da-naⁿ-bde (wadną́bd) - you eat a meal, dine (RR-Quapaw)

         wa-noⁿ-bthe (wanⁿbthe) - an eater (Omaha/Ponca)

         wa-noⁿ-bthe toⁿ-ga (wanoⁿ́bthe toⁿga) - big eater, glutten (Omaha)

         wa-noⁿ-bthe (wa-noⁿ́-bthe) - to eat, to dine, a meal, breakfast, dinner, or supper, nourishment, food, a-wa-noⁿ-bthe (a-wá-noⁿ-bthe) - I  am eating, wa-tha-noⁿ-bthe (wa-thá-noⁿ-bthe) - you are eating, oⁿ-woⁿ-boⁿ-btha i (oⁿ-woⁿ́-noⁿ-btha i) - we are eating (FL-Osage)

         wa-noⁿ-bre (wanó̜bre) - dine, eat, dinner, supper, meal served at noon or in the evening, a-wa-noⁿ-bre (áwanǫbre) - I eat, wa-tha-noⁿ-bre (waánǫbre) - you eat, aⁿ-wa-noⁿ-bra-pe (ąwanó̜brape) - we eat (CQ-Osage)

         wa-noⁿ-ble (wanóⁿble) - eat a meal, dine (Kanza)