eagle, Looking at the Eagle, Visible Eagle (personal name)

xu-da  toⁿ  (xd tó̜)   


eagle - looking at . eagle - visible

Speaker - Alice Crawfish Gilmore


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

         xi-da tiⁿ(qi-d tiⁿ) - female name of the Kwapa  Oⁿpaⁿ gens: Visible Eagle (JOD-Quapaw)

         xi-a toⁿ (xatǫ) - xu-tha + toⁿ-pe (xúa + t̜pe) - name for an eldest daughter ʰtsi-zho (ʰco) clan, literally, looking at the eagle (CQ-Osage)

         xu-e toⁿiⁿ (xúe t̜į̜) - xu-tha + toⁿ-pe (xúa + t̜pe) Looking at the Eagle, personal name (CQ-Osage)

         xu-ya doⁿ-ba-be (qü-y dŭⁿ-b-be) - female name, Eagle that is Seen (Kanza)


         xi-da (xid), xiu-da (xd) - eagle (RR-Quapaw)

         xi-tha (qith) - eagle (Omaha/Ponca)

         xi-tha (xith) - eagle (Omaha)

         xi-tha (xi-tha) - eagle, golden eagle, the golden eagle figures in the Osage rites as a symbol of courage, the black on the tips of its tail feathers represents fire and charcoal (FL-Osage)

         xiu-tha (xiu-th) - the eagle, this is considered among the Osage as a sacred bird (FL-Osage)

         xu-tha (xu-th) - eagle, the adult golden eagle (FL-Osage)

         xu-tha (xúa), xi-tha (xa) - eagle (CQ-Osage)

         xu-ya (xuy) - the golden eagle (Kanza)


         toⁿ-we (tó̜we) - look at something (RR-Quapaw)

         doⁿ-be (dⁿbe) - see, look at, perceive (Omaha/Ponca)

               doⁿ-be (doⁿ-be) - to see, to perceive, to scrutinize, to watch (FL-Osage)

         toⁿ (tó̜), toⁿiⁿ (tó̜į), toⁿ-pe (tó̜pe) - see, observe, watch, look, look at, on, or upon (CQ-Osage)

         doⁿ-be (dⁿbe) - see, look at (Kanza)