brother, my brother, woman's elder

wi-ti-to  (wittítto)    
my older brother, female speaker Speaker - Maude Supernaw


wi-ti-to (wittítto)

my brother, woman's elder (RR-Quapaw)


Dhegiha Language Family Comparison

·         i-ti-to (ittítto) - brother, woman's elder, wi-ti-to (wittítto) - my brother, woman's elder, di-ti-to (dittítto) - your brother, woman’s elder (RR-Quapaw)

·         i-tsiⁿ-do (i-tsiⁿ́-do) - her elder brother, wi-tsiⁿ-do (wi-tsiⁿ́-do) - brother older than myself, woman speaking (FL-Osage)

·         i-ʰtsiⁿ-to (iʰicí̜to) - her older brother, any of her brothers who is older than she is, wi-ʰtsiⁿ-to (wiʰ̜to) - my elder brother, oldest of speaker's brothers, not necessarily older than the speaker, used only when speaker is female, more precise than English, my older brother, thi-ʰtsiⁿ-to (ðiʰicí̜to) - your older brother, used only when speaking to a woman (CQ-Osage)

·         i-tsi-do (icído) - woman's eldest brother, wi-tsi-do (wicído) - my elder brother, female speaking; my step-brother, female speaking, older; my father's brother's son, older than myself, female speaking; my mother's brother's daughter's son, female speaking; my mother's sister's son, older than myself, female speaking (Kanza)