Quapaw Clan Information

NAME   Modern Spelling TRANSLATION  
Tribal Division ha-ka Ancestral Earth People
Clans   we-s'a serpent    
    ma-shka crawfish    
    wa-zhi-ka small bird  
    te buffalo    
    o-pʰo elk    
    xi-da eagle    
    to-xe reddish yellow buffalo
    sho-ke dog/wolf    
Tribal Division ti-zho Tizho           Sky People
Clans   ho fish    
    ni-ki-a-ta unknown  
    ke turtle    
Other clans not identified by Division        
    naⁿ-pa-ta deer    
    wa-sa black bear  
    ma-tʰo grizzly bear  
    zha-we beaver    
    pe-tʰa crane    
    ta-da panther or mountain lion
Sub-clans mi sun    
    mi-ka-x'e star    
    wa-ka-ta thunder being  
    mi-oⁿ-pa moon    
Sources: Dorsey Interviews from 1891-1897: 229-230 with Alphonsus Valliere, Mrs. Stafford, George Red Eagle and Buffalo Calf. Dorsey stated "The only persons capable of giving the (fully) needed information were among those Kwapa who (still) resided on Osage reservation.