William Supernaw, JR.

Founder of Kihe-kah-Steh Pow Wow Club


William and Irene Supernaw, Jr.

William J. Supernaw Jr; PFC Company L;2nd Infantry

Te-Zhika or Little Buffalo was only 6 years old when Tall Chief died in 1918, but the boy remembered his grandfather and wanted to honor him. When Little Buffalo-William James Supernaw, Jr. died in 1991, he left a large family and an active American Indian club in his hometown, Skiatook, to carry on the heritage so important to him and to Tall Chief. Tall Chief was the last hereditary chief of the Quapaw Tribe. The club's name, Kihe-kah-Steh means Tall Chief.
He and his wife, Irene, were Skiatook's Pioneer Day Citizen's of the year in 1989. He served on the Quapaw Committee for two years, He was a member of Hominy District of the Osage Elonska, Osage director fro the Anadarko Indian Exposition for two terms, former president of the Tulsa Pow Wow club and a charter member. He was a member of the St. William's Church and Galentine-Price American Legion Post. Wood working and Indian bead-work were his avocations all his life
Supernaw's wish that his family perpetuate the work he began is still being honored to this day
The 50th Annual Kihe-kah-Steh  Pow Wow was held July 26-28, 2019.

Children: L-R Tom, Ris, Jeanie, and Kugee Supernaw


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